Ryan Gosling Workout Routine revealed

by Ryan Gosling Workout Coach on Oktober 31, 2011

General Information about the Ryan Gosling Workout Routine

Ryan Gosling has created quite a stir with the excellent physique he is sporting these days. Though he was never out of shape, the transformation in his physique has been exceptional and no doubts a result of extensive workout. There have been reports that Ryan exercises on all workout gym machines for at least an hour though the star himself has never been vocal about his exact workout routine. The exact Ryan Gosling workout routine for his role in “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” has been revealed by his personal trainer Ashley Borden.

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Ryan Gosling workout routine 03The famous actor has a very good metabolism which in combination with a good diet and exercise has led to his fantastic physique that many guys would kill for. The Ryan Gosling Workout involves a combination of sprints, hill sprints, pull ups and rows for the lower body and dumbbell presses, front and lateral raises and rear delts for shoulder muscles. For the upper chest he exercises with dumbbell, bench press, barbell floor press and flat presses and dips.

Ryan Gosling Workout Routine revealed

His workout schedule is stretched over a week’s period and he exercises different body parts on different days. On day 1 and day 4, the focus is on chest, abs and back muscles. 4-8 repetitions of incline bench press, 3-10 repetitions of weighted wide grip dips and 4-8 pull ups take care of the upper body and abdomen. 3-10 cable rows and hanging leg raises further strengthen and shape up the abs and back muscles.

On the second and fifth day, he exercises his shoulders, arms and intervals. 4-8 repetitions of seated dumbbell shoulder press and 4-8 repetitions of standing dumbbell curls exercise his shoulders and arms. 3-10 repetitions of lateral raises, 4-8 repetitions of skull crushers and 3-10 repetitions of Bent over rear delts help strengthen his shoulder, arms and side muscles for that V-taper and the lean muscular look.

The other days of the week are the resting days. He also does a 30 second sprint on a treadmill followed by 90 seconds of rest and this process is repeated for 16 minutes with alternating periods of sprint and rest.

Ryan Gosling Workout Routine

It is believed that 5-12 repetitions work best for building muscles. The more repetitions you do the faster you will build your muscle size. However to build dense muscles you should keep the number of repetitions lesser but within the range. It is believed that 30 repetitions in one exercise session give best results. The key is to divide the number of repetitions over the sets of exercise. If you are doing lesser sets then you should increase the number of repetitions to keep the volume per exercise constant. You can find additional information here: Ryan Gosling Bodybuilding Strategy

In order for you to see results quick – just try to stick to the Ryan Gosling Workout Routine.

Ryan Gosling has come a long way since his “The Notebook” days when he had to pile up weight for his role in the movie, to his perfect Adonis like physique in “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”. A low carb and low calorie diet in combination with bodybuilding and strength training exercises have helped him achieve that fabulous abs and a physique which is neither overly muscular nor skinny.

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