Ryan Gosling Fitness Routine

by Ryan Gosling Workout Coach on November 5, 2011

Ryan Gosling is probably one of the fittest stars of the recent times. Going by his looks in the latest movie “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” it is safe to say that he has given a whole new meaning to the term fitness. One look at his pictures “The Notebook” and “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” and you can understand the fitness freak that he is. It would be wrong to say that the star was out of shape then but his metamorphosis for his latest movie is so remarkable that it needs mentioning. It is evident that he has worked hard on his fitness levels.

Ryan Gosling Fitness Regime

Ryan Gosling Fitness RoutineHis fitness regime is a combination of diet and exercises. Ryan Gosling exercises 4 days a week while resting for the remaining 3 days. He pays extra attention to the upper part of the body and does low repetition heavy intensity workout for his shoulders and chest. He runs on the treadmill for 15-20 minutes which comprises of alternating periods of 30 second sprint and 90 second rest. The stretching and bending exercises take care of his oblique muscles and are crucial for that characteristic v-shaped taper of his body. The heavy intensity workouts have helped him pack dense muscles on his shoulder and chest and are responsible for accentuating that line which runs from the bottom of his chest to the collar bone and adds to his appeal.

Ryan Gosling Fitness Routine

Ryan Gosling is looking his best so far in his movie “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”. The actor has a high metabolic rate which helps him remain muscular and lean even when he gorges on fatty foods as he did for “The Notebook”. Nevertheless the fitness routine supplemented with a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables and meat have helped him achieve the current fitness levels. He eats a low calorie, low carb diet and takes protein shakes to maintain his muscular frame.

Ryan has a lean and muscular body which is neither too beefy nor skinny. If you compare his earlier pictures, you can see that he never had a problem losing weight. In fact he was quite skinny when he started out. He has gradually built up his muscular frame and works hard to maintain it. People have said in the past that Ryan is not an exercising freak and he exercises as per his comfort. But all that has changed with time and the state of his body at present is a proof of the transformation. Though he exercises in moderation, the smart combination of strength training, stretching and bending exercises have helped him achieve the perfect physique. More information about the Ryan Gosling workout routine.

Ryan Gosling Workout

This section would be incomplete without the mention of his toned legs which are quite a welcome change from the beefy tree trunk legs of bodybuilders which are a result of working the lower body too much. Ryan Gosling has perfect biceps, triceps and deltoids which are in symmetry with the rest of his body. He has around 10-12% body fat which perfectly compliments his lean and muscular look. The perfect six pack abs is further testament of his fitness routine.

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