Ryan Gosling Bodybuilding Strategy

by Ryan Gosling Workout Coach on Oktober 28, 2011

Ryan Gosling Bodybuilding Journey

Ryan Gosling’s journey from being a skinny teenager to a muscled up hunk is an inspiration for all the people who want to achieve a perfect physique. Many people get into bodybuilding routines for a beefed up and muscular body. However there are a few things you should keep in mind to achieve your goal faster and in a better way.

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The exercises and diet should be in accordance with your physical well being and nutritional requirements. Every person responds differently to diet and exercise. If you have a good metabolism you can snack on fatty foods as the tendency to put on weight is very less however if your aim is to have a perfectly chiselled body you should avoid fats and increase your protein intake. Ideally a low carb low calorie diet and sufficient amount of vegetables, fruits and meat in your food would help you realize your goal faster.

Ryan Gosling has a very good metabolic rate and he was quite a skinny teenager. But things have changed since then and there has been a huge transformation in his physique since his teenager days to his current enviable form. Ryan Gosling is a workout wonder and his body is an evidence of hard work and dedication. He has a perfectly beefed up upper body with muscular shoulders and chest, a slim waist and toned legs which provide the v-shaped taper to his physique.

Ryan Gosling Bodybuilding Routine

Ryan Gosling Bodybuilding Strategy To build a body like Ryan Gosling’s, you should do weight and strength training along with some strategic bodybuilding exercises. Ideally the exercise regimen should include upper back training, exercise for incline muscles, and chest and shoulder exercises with intense intervals of sprints for strengthening leg muscles. 5-12 repetitions of different sets of exercises are considered ideal to build up dense muscle. However you should try to keep the volume per exercise around 30, i.e. 30 repetitions divided into 5 or more per set of exercise. More information about the Ryan Gosling workout routine can be found here: Ryan Gosling Workout Routine revealed

Ryan Gosling Bodybuilding Strategy

The Ryan Gosling bodybuilding routine includes working with incline flyes, Dumbbell, bench press and barbell for the upper chest and shoulders. To further build up the volume of shoulder muscles he exercises with seated dumbbell press, rear delts, lateral and front raises. He also does pull ups and regular intense intervals of sprints on a treadmill for a slimmer waist and toned legs.

While working out for ‘The Notebook’ the star snacked on a lot of high calorie fatty food. Though he does not have a tendency to put on weight, he still had a little bit of fat on his waist and lower stomach. But he has completely remodelled his body for “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” and he is looking the most muscular and lean nowadays than ever, all thanks to his bodybuilding exercise routine. He has achieved a perfect physique which is neither beefy nor skinny. His bodybuilding journey has been the most interesting as the results are spectacular. His Adonis like physique complete with the photoshop abs is a result of extensive training with frequent intervals of rest and diet control.

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